Saturday, 12 March 2016

Restaurant Schulz Menu Hobart Tasmania

We are now closed for the winter season and will reopen on Thursday 5th October 2017.
You can reach us on
For any inquiries or bookings.

Our normal Opening hours 
 Thursday to Saturday 5.30pm to 9.30pm

Wednesday 6.00pm to 9.00pm(German "Pizza" Night

For bookings or any inquiries please call
or send us an email to
or contact us on facebook 


Freshly baked Pretzel
with Obatzda dip $11

with Kartoffelkas dip $9

House made Sourdough Bread $9.5
Served with butter, Onion relish, Himalayan Crystal salt & Tasmanian pepper

Trio of Bavarian dips $15.5
Three traditional dips: Obatzda, Kartoffelkas, and Griebenschmalz, served with pickles, red onion & sourdough bread

Pierogi $13.5
House made Polish dumplings filled with mushrooms, potato, creme cheese & Sauerkraut, served with grilled Boks bacon & melted butter   

  Kransky auf Brett $11.5
Grilled Polish Kransky sausage served with mustard, horseradish, pickles & sourdough bread 


          Flammkuchen (ideal to share)

 French/German "Pizza", thin crispy sourdough base smothered with crème fraiche and freshly woodfired baked to order

Classic   $21
Boks bacon, onions

Gratinee  $24
Boks bacon, Gruyere cheese, onions

Forestier  $24   (Add bacon +$3)
  Local mushrooms, Gruyere cheese, onions

Chevre   $24  (Add bacon +$3)
Tasmanian goats cheese, potatoes, Gruyere cheese, onions, garlic, herbs

Farmers Favourite  $26
Sauerkraut, Boks bacon, Gruyere cheese, onions, garlic

Nordic   $26
Huon smoked salmon, Gruyere cheese, onions


Bauernschnitzel $31.5
Viennese style freshly crumbed Free range Pork loin Cordon bleu filled with smoked ham, tasty cheese & onions, served with a Bavarian potato salad, cranberry sauce & lemon wedge

Schnitzel Wiener Art $27  (Children's Schnitzel $14.5)
Viennese style freshly crumbed Marion Bay Free range chicken breast schnitzel served with chips, cranberry sauce, lemon wedge & a side salad

Schweinsbratn $31.5
  Slow roasted marinated Free Range
Pork Roast served in Beer jus with bread dumplings, root vegetables & cabbage salad OR Sauerkraut

Schwabenpfandl $34
Grilled Free range Pork eye fillet medallions in creamy mushroom sauce served with house made buttered Spätzle, crispy onions, cranberry sauce & a side salad

Rindergulasch $29.5
Traditional Hungarian style Gras fed Tasmanian Beef Goulash served with house made buttered spätzle, crispy onions, sour cream & a side salad

        Käsespätzle $25.5 (vegetarian)
House made German egg noodles baked with local Swiss style cheese, topped with crispy onions & served with a side salad

    Bigos $25
Polish Hunter stew with Sauerkraut, cabbage, bacon & braised free range pork shoulder, served with a grilled Kransky sausage & house made sourdough bread

Wurstplatte $26
Grilled Polish Kransky and German Bratwurst, served on Sauerkraut with Beer jus, roasted potatoes and mustard

Leberkäse $24.5
Grilled Bavarian Meatloaf served with fried free range egg, pickles, crispy onions, roasted potatoes, Beer jus & sweet Bavarian mustard

Rahmschwammerl $24.5 (vegetarian)
Creamy local mushroom Goulash served with bread dumplings, root vegetables fresh herbs & a side salad

Restaurant Schulz Deluxe Platter $89
A selection of Viennese Schnitzels, slow roasted marinated Free Range Pork Roast, Grilled German Bratwurst, Polish Kransky & Bavarian Meatloaf, served with Sauerkraut, bread dumplings, roasted potatoes, potato salad, cabbage salad, Beer jus & German mustards  


Linzer torte with Vanilla ice cream $13

Spiced Austrian Hazelnut cake filled with black currant jam, served with Valhalla Vanilla bean ice cream, freeze dried fruits & toasted Almonds


Flammkuchen - Something sweet $19,5 (ideal to share)
Topped with real Vanilla crème fraiche, apples, berry compote, spiced rum & sweet crumble

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